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Tyse Nett is a rapper and composer from Western Canada. Tyse has dedicated an immense amount of time to his passion for music from a young age. 
At age fourteen, Nett began to develop his skills as a young songwriter on various social media platforms, building a following in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At Age eighteen Tyse released his first ever debut album “New Beginnings” which set the stage for him to be regarded as one of the most inspirational young artists Western Canada has to offer. Nett’s ultimate career goal is one that is inspired by his Grandma, Vickie Case. Tyse’s goal to write songs with the hope of helping others through times of hardship has already made an impact. Fans worldwide reach out to Nett claiming his music “changed their life”. 
 In his current works, Tyse is focusing on producing music that motivates others. Motivating them not only to find beauty within themselves, but also in the world around them. This motivation is something that Tyse is striving to do for himself as well. Nett hopes to bring the same acceptance, love, and encouragement that was given onto him from the town of Rosthern, Saskatchewan. 
Tyse continues to stay loyal to Rosthern, regarding it as his “Hometown” from which he grew up and graduated from Rosthern Junior College. 





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